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Art of Selling Travel helps Travel Advisors just like you build a profitable business

At the Art of Selling Travel headquarters, we get how hard it is to be a travel professional, especially in a world where viruses, mother nature, and political unrest can change everything in a matter of minutes. The last thing you need to worry about is how to pay your bills at the end of each month. As a travel pro, you work hard to serve your clients and design memorable vacations. You deserve to be compensated for the work you do. 


Unlike other business coaches in the travel industry, we don’t focus on the small tasks that don’t actually make you money. Learning the latest trick for Instagram or agonizing over your logo doesn’t pay your bills. In fact, marketing alone will not make your business. Too often coaches will keep you distracted by focussing on just the marketing. At Art of Selling Travel we focus on generating sales. 


No one is born a salesperson, yet everyone learns how to be one. Think you’re not a salesperson? Have you ever convinced your kids to eat their vegetables? Talked your sister into lending you her favorite sweater or your parents into extending your curfew? Then you’re a salesperson. 

Glenda Beagle

Sales Strategist

Travel Industry Specialist

Glenda has been in the travel industry since 2006. Starting as an admin assistant in a brick and mortar agency, but quickly advancing to a Travel Agent soon after. In 2011 she opened her own agency in another town. Starting with a list of none and staff that needed to be paid.

Glenda quickly rose to top sales on a national level, earning her trips onboard Uniworld River Cruises, Safari in Africa, plus many others. Consistently generating more than a million dollars annually in personal sales and managing a team of in-house staff as well as independent contractors, Glenda has seen sales from many different perspectives.

A business coach since 2018, Glenda has been helping business owners just like you get more out of their business by closing more sales, reducing the unnecessary expense of resources wasted, resulting in increased profitability.

Sales Is A Skill You Build

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Seven Ways You May Be Leaving Money On The Table

If you're like most Travel Advisors you're trying to do 'all the things'. From the marketing to the accounting and everything in between you're trying to stay ahead of it all, yet no one seems to talk about sales. 

If you don't have people paying you, you don't have a business. Likes and followers don't pay the bills, clients do. 

Grab my free guide for 7 Ways Travel Advisors are leaving money on the table and missing out on the sale

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