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Episode 8 - Overcoming The Imposter Inside

What is imposter syndrome and how do you know if you have it?

If you’ve ever had feelings of not being enough, not knowing enough or not being expert enough - then there’s a really good chance that you’ve got feelings of imposter syndrome coming through.

In industries such as travel, this is very common. Most travel advisors love what they do because of how they get to make people feel and what they get to experience - yet they can quickly become overwhelmed by everything they need to know. In fact I hear it all the time - I need to get this certificate and take that course in order to know enough.

You Will Never Know It All

If you wait until it’s all perfect, that simply means it’s never going to happen. Perfection is another name for imposter syndrome. Many will say they’re a perfectionist - the reality is they’re scared of not being seen as less than perfect - yet what is perfection? The goal post of perfection will constantly move.

Perfection Is Simply A Disguise For Your Fears

If you never have to actually get out and sell yourself or your products, you can’t ever be turned down or told no. I’ve spoken with travel advisors who have been in the industry for two, three or even four years - yet they’ve never sold a single trip yet. Why? Because they were waiting until they knew enough or had it ‘just right’. They were getting their website made, or getting the right business card.

You are never going to get over your fears from the sidelines. At some point you’re going to have to give it a try.

You have to find the confidence from within. By being willing to make mistakes and the humility to admit them. Confidence comes to those who make the choice to push past the fear.

Confidence is simply having the courage to fail and being willing to get back up again.

People will give their money to confident people - if you want to be a sales success, the first step is always confidence.

Do you have the courage to be confident?

You can catch the episode HERE

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