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Episode 9 - Setting The Stage for 2022

Are you ready for 2022? What do you need to do to get ready?

I was surprised recently when I post on my stories about whether or not you have a planning session for your business each year or if you just wing it as you go. The resounding majority of you said you just wing it.

It made me chuckle a little if I was being honest - simply because we are in an industry where every detail is thought out. Each flight has a flight plan that has to be filed in advance. Each vacation is filled with itineraries and agendas. Yet when it comes to the operations of a travel business very few Travel Advisors actually have a clear and strategic plan for what their business will look like.

Many times you will hear them say - it’s because we’re too busy or it’s just too hard to find something to post on social media.

If You Could Wave A Magic Wand...

...What kind of business would you wish for? Is it the business you’ve always had or the one you’ve always wanted?

The reason you keep getting the business you’ve always had is because you’re not taking the time to create the business you’ve always wanted. You’re doing the same thing you’ve always done - yet expecting new results.

If you’re too busy, my question is always, too busy doing what? It’s so easy to be very busy yet not productive at all. Without a plan in place, you may find yourself endlessly taking course and workshops on products that aren’t actually what your ideal client would find relevant. You may even find yourself trying to learn the latest tik tok or reel dance - but why? Is that what is going to make you popular or is it going to make you profitable?

When you create a plan, your marketing is simplified, you know exactly what to post and when. After all I guarantee you, the suppliers and OTA aren’t rolling over in bed in the morning and thinking ugh I wonder what I should post today. They have it mapped out weeks, months and even years ahead. They know what time of year they’re going to create marketing surrounding a destination or travel style or offer. They know months ahead of time when they’re going to launch a world cruise, or offering new destinations. While you won't’ be privy to all of that information, by having a plan in advance of when you want to put offers in front of your clients, you will be able to avoid the shiny object syndrome and instead be able to market YOUR business, not that of the suppliers - or worse yet, be in a race to the bottom with price.

Create a strategy to follow and you won’t be distracted by tactics and shiny objects that won’t help your business - or worse yet will cost you money.

You can check out the episode HERE

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