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Episode 2 - Keeping It Simple

Doing consultations for clients that are not a right fit can be a big pain in the butt. That being said, eliminating the right clients with the wrong tactics is even a bigger pain.

How do you qualify your clients?

Qualifying clients is actually really simple. Having the right marketing, the right messaging and giving the right impressions is the fastest way to qualify your clients. Too often travel advisors think the easiest or best way to qualify their clients is to create complicated, time consuming questionnaires that are designed to save the travel advisor time. The problem with this theory however is that if your potential clients wanted to fill all of those details out, they would simply put it into a search engine, not so that they can wait 2 days to be able to book a call with you.

If your website or social feed - wherever they are finding the information to book time with you, properly reflects the type of client you’re looking to attract, you will be able to seamlessly help your clients to self identify if they’re in the right location or not. The best way to know if your marketing is working or not - is to see if the right type of clients are requesting a consultation with you.

Keeping things simple for your clients is why they’ve reached out to you.

With every interaction your potential clients may have with you, the question always needs to be, how will they enjoy the experience? Will they enjoy filling out the questionnaire? Or is this something that will make them retreat and not want to work with you? A great example of this is in the luxury market - do they want to fill out a 25 question survey? Or do they pay people and outsource the tasks they don’t have time for? If you put too many barriers in the way - you are no longer saving them time or energy.


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