Episode 3 - Simplifying the Overwhelm with Process

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This week's episode welcomed our very first guest - Donna McGougan owner of Travel Advisor Solutions.

We chatted about all things processes and customer relationship management.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by sticky notes - Donna’s been there and knows how it feels. In fact, that’s what started her on the journey to find a better solution. Donna built a business helping Travel Advisors grow their travel business by helping them set up their CRM with a primary focus on organization.

“When your files are organized in one location, you’re able to better serve the client advisor relationship”

Relationships are the cornerstone of all successful business. Client care process is all about the details. Making sure you know things about your clients that you might otherwise forget or misplace the sticky notes that are meant to remind you.

A CRM can help change the conversation. When you have a record of your communication, you don’t have to guess what was said.

“We all have a process whether we know it or not. When you pay attention to your process, you’ll know which steps you need to tweak”

Recognize that you have a process - and be open to refining it to be able to grow - especially when you’ve hit a plateau.

If you’re looking to increase your client experiences - check out Donna’s website or Instagram

Check out the episode on your favorite app or download it directly HERE

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