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Helping Travel Professionals Close More Sales

  You Can't Market Your Way Out Of A Selling Problem 

Sales Are More Than  A Transaction

Selling Travel takes more than sending a quote or matching a price.

Sales are about building relationships. Listening to and serving customers.

When you’re ‘the’ sales authority, people will be lined up to pay your fees and refer you to everyone they know.



Close The Bottom  Of  Your Funnel

It doesn't matter how many new leads you attract if you don't know how to capture their attention and close the holes in the bottom of the funnel. 

The idea behind getting new leads is to convert them into a buying audience, not just a looking audience. 
Develop your skills with a proven sales buying process for the travel industry.


Consult and Propose

Communication is critical to the success of your travel business. Failing to effectively communicate during the entire sales process will result in losing the sale. Your customers want to know that they've been seen and heard. They want to be kept in the loop. Above all else they are looking for you to follow up and have their back.


Close with Confidence

Having certainty in your offer and professional sales processes, creates confidence to overcome any objection. When you have the confidence to close the sale, your clients will have confidence in their decision to work with you.


Are You Sabotaging Your Sales?

Many travel professionals have done it all the right way. They’ve built the funnels, they’re getting the inquiries and sending out quotes ... yet no bookings.
It’s easy to say it’s because customers aren't buying right now, that’s not true. Customers are in fact buying now. They’re looking for Travel Pros just like you to help them navigate these crazy times.
If you’ve ever missed closing a sale, then grab the free guide to see if you’re sabotaging your sales. 


Being A Travel Advisor Isn't Easy 

Your clients rarely see the hard work you put in behind the scenes and endless hours on hold with a supplier. At the Art of Selling Travel, we know you want the very best for your customers. In order to do that you need to actually have customers. Just getting them into your funnel isn’t enough, you need to know how to close the sale. How to move them from an inquiry to a happy traveler who can’t wait to refer you to everyone they know. The problem is there is so much focus in the industry on marketing that no one pays attention to the sales. Without a strong skill set in sales, you risk all that work marketing being for nothing. 

As a former travel professional, Glenda knows what it’s like to quote a customer only to be ghosted in the end. 

With Glenda’s three-step plan you will not only see your sales grow, but you will also discover a whole new way of attracting new customers, that won’t cost you a penny or time spent marketing. 

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of only looking for new customers. Instead, focus on increasing your success rate with the customers you already have coming into your business. When you can increase your closing rate, improve your upsell skills you will see your profits rise without having to spend any more time or money on marketing. 

NEW TO TRAVEL (coming soon)

Travel Sales Don't Just Happen

Getting people to notice you is hard work. But if you're not taking the time to engage with them, and move them through a strategic sales process, it's all for nothing. At Art of Selling Travel, we work with Travel Advisors across the globe learn how to confidently ask for the sale and close more deals than ever before. What would it mean to your business to have raving fans eager to pay you service & planning fees? 



Don't walk - run, any chance you get to see Glenda speak! She's amazing and has so much knowledge of the travel industry.

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For me the stand out topic was how to implement my fees in a way that my clients understand why I am now charging them.



I have been working with Glenda for a few months and absolutely love the group coaching program. I can see a difference in my approach to my marketing and I have learned so much already. The content is awesome and so important

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